Elena Mozzherina - Curriculum Vitae



609a, 64/3 Botanicheskaya Street,
Saint Petersburg, Russia,

Educational background

Current Institution

Russia, Saint Petersburg State University
post-graduate student in the department of Programming Technologies majoring in Computational Linguistics
Passed qualifying examinations for the Candidate degree with distinction

Full-time student, expected date of graduation September, 2013

Previous Institution 1

Russia, Perm State University
Master of Applied Mathematics and Information Science with distinction majoring in Mathematical Support of Computer Systems
Graduated in July 2010, grades 4.8 (from 5.0)

Previous Institution 2

the United Kingdom, the University of Reading
Master of Science (by Research) in Computational Science with distinction
Graduated in June 2010

Previous Institution 3

Russia, Perm State University

Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Information Science with distinction
Graduated in July 2008, grades 5.0 (from 5.0)

Additional Qualification

Russia, Regional Institute of Continuing Education Perm State University, Centre of Additional Education in Foreign Languages "Littera"
Qualification "Translator in the field of Professional Communications"
Graduated in January 2010, grades 4.8 (from 5.0)

Work Experience

Employment 1

Russia, Saint-Petersburg State University, http://www.spbu.ru/
Part-time, from January 2011
Assistant lecturer, lectures and labs on course "Functional Programming"

Employment 2

Russia, Perm State University, http://www.psu.ru/
Part-time, from September 2008 to October 2010
Assistant lecturer, labs on course "Programming Languages", lectures and labs on courses "Pattern Recognition" and "Discrete Mathematics"

Employment 3

Russia, Solikamsk State Pedagogical Institute, http://www.solgpi.ru/
Part-time, from January 2010 to June 2010
Assistant lecturer, lectures and labs on courses "Computer Modelling" and "Bases of Microelectronics"

Employment 4

Russia, Informational Computing Systems, http://www.ics.perm.ru/
Part-time, from October 2007 to July 2008
Developing windows and web applications using Microsoft VS; testing applications using Rational Robot and n-unit; writing scripts for databases (mainly SQL Server 2005); working with CASE-system "CASEBERRY" (for additional information see www.caseberry.net)


British-Russian Project "BRIDGE"

Has take part in British-Russian Project "BRIDGE" (British Degrees in Russia) that is a master double degree program. Was one of five students who started the program between Perm State University (Russia) and University of Reading (the UK) in 2008.
Successfully graduated from both universities (see above).

Utel Scholarship

In 2007/2008 (fall term) have been a recipient of a "Utel Scholarship".
The company supports talented and initiative students with best marks. They selected 5 students (from about 800) at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics in Perm State University.
Official site http://perm.u-tel.ru/grant

Potanin Welfare Fund Scholarship

In 2007/2008 have been a recipient of a "Potanin Welfare Fund Scholarship".
Evaluation criteria for the scholarship are only best marks for the previous academic year, and personal qualities such as creativity, team spirit, and leadership. Each year they select 25 students from all students in Perm State University (total number of students in the University is more than 12 000).
Official site http://www.stipendia.ru/education_programs/


  1. Mozzherina E.S. Automatic Ontology Learning from Text Document Collection // In Proceedings of conference "Digital Libraries: Advanced Methods and Technologies, Digital Collections", the XIII All-Russian Research Conference, Voronezh, 2011, http://rcdl2011.vsu.ru/
  2. Mozzherina E.S. Approach to Knowledge Base Representation of Intellectual Agents for Analysing Electronic Documents // In Proceedings of conference "Microsoft Technologies in Theory and Practice of Programming", Chelyabinsk, 2008.
  3. Lanin V.V., Mozzherina E.S. The Document Management System as Basis of Integrated Adaptive Information Systems Creation Technology // In Proceedings of 15th International Student School-Seminar, Moscow, 2007.
  4. Lanin V.V., Mozzherina E.S. Document Analysis with Intelligent Agents // In Proceedings of Research-and-Technology Conference "Information Systems and Technologies 2007" , Obninsk, 2007.
  5. Mozzherina E.S. Ontological Approach to Automated Analysis of Electronic Documents // In Proceedings of 6th National Conference with International Participation "Modern Information Technologies in Science, Education and Practice", Orenburg, 2007.



Languages (popular): C#, Java, Haskell, C/C++, VB

Languages (others): Lisp, Prolog, VRML, nesC

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS


English (fluently)

Russian (native speaker)

My research focuses on statistical approaches to ontology learning and information retrieval from large text document collections. I believe my research interests fit extremely well with the research under the theme "Knowledge and Data Representation and Management". Thus, I am interested in the "Partitioning RDF for cloud-based scalable processing" (No. 350). During the research it was argued that the quality of automatically created ontologies can be improved by preliminary preparation of the collection for ontology learning by prior clustering of text document collection. So, the "Clustering or classification of high dimensional data in the presence of outliers" (No. 330) also seems to fit well enough. Finally, I/O module can be found in any application. It should be flexible enough in case of distribute computing, but it also should be comfortable for the user. Thus, I am also interested in the "I/O Systems for large Applications" (No. 351).

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